lunedì 28 gennaio 2013

"Far Away So Close"- 10/24~11/27 2011- Salon de Rubis, Takamatsu

Group exhibition
together with:
Xavier Brusset- Installation
Jack Hankins- Illustration and Papaercraft
Adam Weston- Painting
Gabomi- Photography
Chizu Omori- Ceramics
Jeremy Lanig - Photography
Mayuko Roma- Installation
Adrian Goodhand - Photography
here my sculpture 
The Sword
Carved in wood
h. 2.20 m,
w/d about 60cm


the first of my new serie " Lost Warrior ":
inspired by japanese samurai elmets they will rapresents the four noble weapon of  the warrior:
1. the Sword;
2. the Spear;
3. the Halberd;
4. The Bow/Arrow;

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