lunedì 22 novembre 2010

Exhibition at Shionoe Art Museum

Even if it is already began I finally got a bit of time to give some news about it and some photos too. so from November 14 to December 12 I'm holding this exhibition at Shionoe art museum under the title "Inside".
This time I'm presenting an installation made by ropes and bamboo. With only this two material I'm creating an huge object where the main point is to get involve or better "Inside" more with my own feelings and body rather then any previous concept or image. The result should be a pure communication between me and the materials it self for I want to see how deep I can harmonize myself whit them because I think that if I can do that I should be able to create naturally a beautiful
(hopefully) object which could invite a person inside it to explore it.
Another important point to me is that the installation will be done during all this month in a way that the making it self is an experience for the visitors.

As always I try to do with my work I want the people not just see but I want them to touch it and experienced with as much sense is possible and in order to do so I strongly connected my installation with the workshop I'm holding every Sunday where who will joint it will be able to create his/her own works following my same guide lines and using the same materials .
In the same time see the quite inspirational place as the museum is, I took the chance again to exhibit Reborn even I wasn't so much to show again at first but then I thought that given a so much different situation and atmosphere probably was right to present it once more with some change.


anche se gia` iniziata colgo finalmente l'occasione per annunciare la mostra che sto` tenendo al museo d'arte di Shionoe dal titolo" INSIDE".

Reborn at Zentzuji -Agu 2010-

After the "Art Cross" event at Shodoshima, I've got the chance to exhibit "Reborn" at a "Art at the Temple"'s group exhibition held inside the huge park of the Zentsuji Souhonzan temple.
This is a very ascent Buddhist temple ( the 75 th temple of Japan's famed pilgrimage of the 88 Sacred Temples of Shikoku) first built some 1000 years ago. inside his walls there are, among many others holy buildings and statues, a wooden 5story pagoda and two holy and immense camphor tree planted in the same time when the temple it self was built!!!.

I was quite satisfied see and feel the link between my work, that symbolized the concept of a rebirth and such high spiritual and powerful place, and the people came to see the exhibition seems to feel this connection too.

Dopo la mostra di gruppo all " Art Cross event " in Shodoshima lo scorso Marzo, ho avuto la possibilita` di ripresentare "Reborn" ad un altro evento d'arte: "Art in the Temple" tenutasi durante luglio-agosto nel grande parco del tempio di Zentsuji Souhonzan.
Questo e` un antico tempio buddista ( e` il settantacinquesimo degli ottantaotto templi che fanno parte del sentiero dei pellegrini di Shikoku) costruito la prima volta circa 1000 anni fa`.
Dentro le sue mura oltre ad altri sacri edifici e statue ci sono anche la pagoda a cinque piani e due immensi alberi di canfora coetanei del tempio stesso!!!
Sono stato soddisfatto nel poter vedere e sentire la connessione che c'era tra il mo lavoro che vuole simboleggiare il desiderio di rinascita ed un luogo cosi spirituale; altrettanto soddisfatto di constatare che non ero l'unico a sentire questa connessione.